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Our clinic provides the distinct advantage of a concierge physician service, emphasizing personalized patient care above all. Through an initial interview process, patients have the opportunity to match with a physician whose communication style aligns with theirs, a key factor in building a strong, therapeutic partnership. Drs. Cheryl Jordan, Gracie Turner, and Alan Turner have customized their medical approach to concentrate solely on the patient's unique needs. Our commitment to treating our patients like family is a testament to our practice's ethos, a sentiment strongly supported by the loyalty of many patients who have been with us since our practice was founded.

Our emphasis is on individualized, unhurried care – catering specifically to the unique needs of each individual, without the influence of insurance or hospital agendas.

We address your concerns.

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Identify and Checking in Details

To determine if our office is the right choice for your medical care,

we invite you to schedule your first meet and greet at no cost by calling us at (772) 781-5434.

This visit comes with no obligation and is an opportunity for you to get to know our team.

Please be aware that no medical advice will be provided during this initial meeting.