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Our medical practice emphasizes direct communication between physicians and patients, cutting out intermediaries like insurance companies and large corporations to deliver a more personal healthcare experience. We avoid using staff to pass along messages, ensuring all communications are directly with the physician to eliminate the risk of misinterpretation by assistants or nurses. Patients contribute an annual membership fee, enabling us to operate a low-volume practice where individualized attention is guaranteed. This approach not only offers convenience but also enhances time efficiency, ensuring prompt and effective care. Moreover, our direct model fosters stronger patient-physician relationships, allowing us to recognize you by name whenever you reach out or visit, creating a more connected and responsive healthcare environment.

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Your membership fee is NOT INSURANCE.

The services provided are not an insurance product.

It is recommended that patients maintain insurance coverage for expenses outside of our primary care services.

Cancel at anytime.

Space is limited to allow for our attentive care.

No obligation.

Hours of operation: By Appointment only

Please call the office to schedule your FREE meet and greet

to determine if this service is the best fit for your medical care.

Please note NO medical advice is provided at this visit.

Drs. Gracie Turner, Alan Turner, Cheryl Jordan