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Drs. Cheryl Jordan, Alan Turner, Gracie Turner


Let us guide you on your path to wellness.

Our concierge model has been shown to decrease hospitalizations, urgent care visits, and emergency department visits.

Membership fee

includes the following

Same day or next day appointments

Text, or call directly with the physician

Cell phone available for urgent concerns

Physician to Physician communication on your behalf

Family care meetings an communication when appropriate

Advocate and coordinate your care

Annual assessments visits

Physician admitting you to the hospital at CCMH South and North

Navigating Hospital Stays with Trusted Care

Facing a hospital stay can often feel daunting, marked by uncertainty and anxiety about the unknown. Recognizing this, we are proud to share that our team holds hospital privileges at both Cleveland Clinic Martin Health North and South Hospitals. This essential partnership allows us to directly admit and manage the care of our patients should hospitalization become necessary.

Why It Matters to Have Your

Primary Care Physician by Your Side

The journey through a hospital stay is significantly eased when navigated alongside a familiar face. Having your primary care physician involved from admission to discharge offers numerous benefits:

Continuity of Care:

Your health history is known to us,

enabling personalized and efficient treatment.


The medical landscape can be complex.

We're here to explain, advise, and support every step of the way.


We stand as your advocate,

ensuring your health needs and preferences are prioritized.

Local Hospital Care

Our Commitment

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Your well-being is our utmost priority. Should hospitalization at Cleveland Clinic Martin Health North or South Hospitals be required, rest assured knowing that your care remains under the watchful eye of your trusted primary care provider. Together, we aim to make your hospital experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.